Culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love, and of thought, which, in the course of centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved
Andre Malraux (French Historian, Novelist and Statesman, 19011976)

Articles on the Arts and Culture of Japan

All articles below were published in The Japan Times, with the exception of Haiku, which was published in Gotta Write literary Magazine, the interview with David Krieger of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation,  published in the Japanese magazine, The Third Civilization, and the essay, Rising to the Challenge-my thoughts on writing and publishing A Thousand Years of Love, published in Kansai Scene magazine.

I have also included some work by my friend and fellow writer, Judy Kendall


Asaichi Market in Wajima Japan



“Stalls lined up, filled with pride, Fish is sliced,

its silver scales dance in the light,

Look at  me, my kimono sparkling in the wind,

I’m your Asaichi Billboard Girl!

(translation of Asaichi Ondo, Song of the Asaichi Morning Market.)




Wajima Lacquerware



 “With such promising trends in modern art backed by 1,000 years of tradition the future of Wajima Laquerware looks bright, It looks as if Wajima Laquerware will be around for a long time…




Sado Island



According to theKojiki,  (Record of  Ancient Matters) long ago in ancient Japan,  the august pair of  Izanami and Izanagi floated down from the heavens and created an archipelago of  islands by catching up pieces of land as though they were fishing. One of these islands they named Sado…read more…




Hagio Moto interview

ABM: At the age of 16 you said Tezuka Osamu influenced you to be a comic book writer. Was there one comic in particular that especially influenced you? H: At 17, after I had read Tezuka Osamu’s The New Choice Group, I was extremely impressed that in comics there was such deep sadness, that one could write about such things in comics, and so I thought I would also like to try and write about deep human emotions, and I resolved to be a professional comic book writer….



Interview with Dr. David Krieger of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundationlink to 3rd Civilization doc-






“The biggest thing that needs to be achieved is the global political will to abolish these weapons, once the political will is in place, the other things will fall into place easily, and until the political will is in place, nothing will fall into place easily…”