Author Avia Belle Moon

Author Mission Statement

I write because it is not enough for me to experience life, but to also record it. I love writing fiction, but also enjoy creative non-fiction. One of my fondest memories was attending the “author go round” event at my elementary school.  I remember the thrill of meeting with different authors, and the pleasure of being immersed in the atmosphere of books and writing.




My purpose as a writer is to express what is left unsaid in the mind and heart, and to express what needs to expressed. If my writing can influence the way society views issues of profound significance, such as love and death, then I’m happy. Writing for me is more then setting words down on paper or inputting them into the computer-it’s a way of alleviating depression; art has the power to detox the negativity in our lives. As Anais Nin says, "I think we have to go through this process of alchemy so that even the horrible things we have experienced are transformed into creative experiences." .            



I believe there are two ways of writing-writing from inside of your soul and writing from the outside. To write from your soul is painful, as you are exposing and accessing the subconscious mind.

Compare…."I love to hear the sound of a baby laughing" to…"I hate to hear a baby laughing because it represents something that at the moment is unavailable to me-happiness. I have glimpses of joy but they simply punctuate the dark seascape of my heart."

I value courage and integrity in writing, and resonate with the words of Susan Sontag, who “insisted that with literary talent came an obligation to speak out on the great issues of the day.” I believe that if we have the gift to articulate in an artistic or creative way, we should use it for the good of society.

To keep writing as long as I’m alive-this is my raison detre.

My writer’s bucket list-

To keep a life long diary or blog

To publish a book of my travels throughout Japan on Buddhist sites I have visited.

I’d like to write a book on my views on physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness for women, perhaps with other writers.

A book on macrobiotics and how it can change the health and wellness landscape of the 21st century.

Environmental racism is a topic that fascinates me, and I’d like to write a novel centered on this theme.

To write a children’s book-I have written a short story, “Kayawa” centered on the border issues that Japan has with Korea…

More to come:)