Short Stories




Set in another part of the universe, a woman finds herself in danger in the New Age.

Published in 1996 in Gotta Write Literary Magazine   

It wasn't day and it wasn't night. The moon was invisible in a celestial sphere, illuminated by the sun.  A comet blazed across the sky, exploding over a tiny dwelling in the eastern quarter of the universe.

       "You're under arrest!"




Cinema Fantastique

A shy Japanese man finds love in an unexpected corner of Tokyo

 Exterior-Outside of  Bar-Late Evening

Setting-A small section of Tokyo

"What do you mean, 'My breasts look like fresh papayas?' Are you crazy?" The woman threw a glass of beer in Akira's face and  stalked out of the bar.


Cinema Fantastique-

A robot falls in love at the Tokyo Stock Exchange

"What's this?" A litter of small boys stared up at the gleaming apparition in front of them. A sign in front of it read, I'm Topix X2, the newest member of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. I demonstrate hand signals for various companies and for buying and selling stock. Try me and see!


Love at first byte

dolce amaro

An American woman unexpectedly finds her heart in the warmth of the Tuscan sun…

The early afternoon sun cast the hills of Tuscany in a light of gold. On a steep road walked a woman, her heavy frame casting shadows across the dust below. The backbone of her silhouette stood straight, proud. Etruscan style bracelets burned against her heavy wrists.


SUMMERHEIL- a paranormal take on neonazism

Rudolph Von Rickenbacker scrunched down in this chair, his heart a prisoner of the images blinking and winking on the screen before him. His German Shepard Max lay at his feet, head resting quietly on her paws. The woman beckoning to him from the screen, Candy, giggled away from the camera, letting it chase her around the beach… She blew a kiss, and then ran across the sand towards the waves….




Set underneath the Sea of Japan amidst underwater canyons and mountains, a fish boy unites the two kingdoms of Japan and Korea, under the threat of nuclear war.

The sun sank into the Sea of Japan, illuminating fish soaring  in the sea skies over the Alegorov mountain range, dividing the Yamato Basin into two empires, the Kaya and the Wa.

            An eel train curved around the Pariyan sea mountain, past the deep sea alluvial delta, and chugged down the tracks into the Sandesan deep sea basin, stopping in front of  Wa Junior High.  Next to the school stood the Ministry of Information, flanked by two conch shell speakers.

             Tai sun swam out of the train into the saphrine blue waters, covering his ears to shut out the propaganda blaring from the shells…..