Graphic/Website Designers


When I was a child both art and writing beckoned to me. I have been able to combine the two by creating sketches/ideas for my books and working with an international team of designers to execute them.  


Junko Hayashi:

Graphic artist, calligrapher, and good friend, based in Kanazawa, Japan. She composed the beautiful calligraphy for A Thousand Years of Love


Junichi Ichimura:

Created Rorschach art image for Temple of the Dueling Heart. Graphic designer/artist from Kanazawa, Japan. His cover art for Academy Award winning director Miyazaki Hayao reached number on I tunes Apple Japan. His artwork has also been used as a national stamp for the Japan Postal Service. His work has also been displayed in art museums in Malta and New York.



Lerentia Basson

Did the front and back cover for A Thousand Years of Love, and the interior black and white image for Templeof the Dueling Heart.

Lerentia Bassoon is based in Capetown, South Africa


Akira Arakawa

Graphic designer based in Kanazawa, Japan. Akira did the map for the Heian Palace Layout in

A Thousand Years of Love.


David Namminga

Did the front cover layout and back cover design for Temple of the Dueling Heart.

Is a graphic artist based in Santa Barbara, CA

Reliable, quick, and completes the job to your exact specifications.